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Luxury African Safari Experience

African safaris conjure up incredible images, one of lions silently sweeping through the savannahs preparing to catch their prey, giraffes stretching their long necks as they forage trees, elephants singing mightily with their trumpet sounds, whilst you enjoy a bumpy ride soaking all this splendor. It gets better than that as you get to settle down in the evenings in the most luxurious lodges. 

African Safaris are not complete without the chance of experiencing the night in luxury lodges, think 5-star service, topnotch facilities, panoramic views, hot bathtubs, world-class cuisine and so much more. These amazing lodges are set in the most pristine spots, set in the heart of the African wilderness, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you get to wake up to the sound of amazing African wildlife.

World-class Cuisine on an African Luxury Safari

Everyone enjoys delicious food, and African Luxury Lodges take it to another level. As you arrive you are welcomed with complimentary champagne and drinks and throughout your stay, you get to taste exceptional cuisine. If you're out on a honeymoon or a romantic getaway then you can organize with the facility to prepare a surprise dinner with intimate candlelights decorated with amazing food and drinks.  

The lodges welcome those with specific dietary restrictions, simply informing the facility ahead of time will cater to this need. You can expect to be served meals for the entire day, which includes, breakfast, lunch, and supper. You’ll also get occasional coffee and tea times for all those that cannot do without caffeine. Typically breakfast and dinners are served in a buffet style, whereas lunch is typically served as picnics along your game drives. Some foods you could expect are chicken, meat, pasta, fruits, salads, stews, bread, with all kinds of vegetables. 

Wake up to the African wild 

On your African luxury safari, you can expect to wake up to the most incredible landscapes bearing magnificent animals. Most Safari reserves are unfenced allowing animals to roam freely and enjoy their freedom, as it should be, so be prepared to experience some animals up close as they roam across your lodge. This is truly an amazing experience, with the sound of lions roaring in the distance and birds chirping across the wilderness with no interruption of city sounds. This is truly a wildlife experience. 

One of the most spectacular moments are the evenings, with not just the remarkable sounds of nocturnal animals, with the sound of hooting owls, cackling hyenas, and grunting hippos, but also the beauty of the skies lit with an array of bright stars.

Memorable Experience on an African Luxury Safari

With a plethora of activities, there’s something for everyone on a luxury safari. You can enjoy some time in the skies on a hot air balloon as you witness breathtaking views of woodlands, savannahs, riverbeds, and stunning wildlife below. If you're in Kenya’s Maasai Mara you could see the great migration of wildebeest from the skies as well as visit the Maasai tribe. Other activities include night bonfires, bird watching, safari walks and so much more. 

Customized private vehicles will make this experience unforgettable, with amazing features and amenities. Think massive leg space, charging ports, comfortable seats, emergency kits, pop-up roofs, huge windows, and amazing endurance designed to withstand the most rugged terrain while ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers. 

The experience gets so much better as you're accompanied by expert guides and rangers. With many years of experience, they know exactly where to take you on a game drive, ensuring that you get the most out of your wildlife safari. Get ready to receive extensive knowledge and hear amazing stories about the areas you visit. 

Best Places to Visit on an African Luxury Safari

So you're ready to go on your luxury safari experience but you're not exactly sure where to go, that’s not a problem as Africa has a vast number of luxury safari destinations. Let’s explore a few.

Londolozi Private Granite Suites

Londolozi’s Private Granite Suites is an elegant lodge set in the Londolozi private game reserve in South Africa. This lodge is beautifully designed with granite rocks, as the name suggests, decorated with silver, charcoal, bold materials, and an elephant grey palette. This lodge is perfect for those that want to experience the rawness of Africa with a contemporary refined character. 

This lodge is strategically placed along an impressive river setting where breeding herds of elephants wander. The interior of the lodge has a seamless appearance with the outside, surrounded by large windows which creates a spectacular integration with nature.

Singita Boulders Luxury Lodge, Sabi Sand

This impeccable lodge is set in the incredible Sabi Sand Game reserve in South Africa. It’s set along the boulder-dispersed banks of the Sand river and blends seamlessly with its stunning bright colors and textures. Its wooden decks offer a relaxing experience as you unwind and enjoy the expansive vistas. 

The lodge is designed with a shape similar to the boulders that surround it, with glass walls allowing you to appreciate the fantastic wild. They offer some of the best dining experiences with an impressive wine cellar housing some of the best wines in South Africa. The amazing game drives provide a luxurious and unforgettable safari experience as you sight animals such as the Big 5, with the elusive leopard being prevalent in this region. 

Royal Malewane Lodge, Kruger National Park

As you explore the vast terrain of the Kruger National Park, a visit to the luxurious Royal Malewane Lodge is a must. Experience the African Bush in comfort, style, and privacy. The Royal Malewane lodge has three distinct luxury safari lodges, a classic and traditional bush-style lodge providing an old-world reminiscence. A beautiful farmstead with an incredible deck housing a private pool that stretches out into the wilderness. And a colorful golden-yellow lodge at the waterside. What’s so memorable about the Royal Malewane lodge is its fantastic safari spa. 

Angama Mara, Maasai Mara

This breathtaking lodge is set on the high edge of the Great Rift Valley overlooking the Maasai Mara game reserve, giving its guests an incredible stay as they witness the vastness of stunning landscapes. There are fifteen tented suites each with its own private airfield, perched on the edge of a stunning hill, with glass spanning across the front looking out to a deck, providing views out of this world. During the great migration, this incredible lodge allows you to witness the migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest from an incredible height. 

Segera Retreat, Kenya

The Segera Retreat is set in the Kenyan Savannahs on the foothills of Mount Kenya, overlooking picturesque grasslands. This epic reserve is a conservation community covering 50,000 acres of land home to cheetahs, elephants, lions, leopards, Buffalos and so many more creatures. It has multiple lodges each with its own distinct styles with incredible dining experiences and a spectacular immersion in Kenya’s evolving culture. 

Sasakwa Luxury Lodge, Serengeti

This luxurious lodge is built in the style of a stately Edwardian manor house, set on a hill that captures panoramic views of the Serengeti. This lodge truly is an elegant stay, with its unique decor, antique surroundings, wraparound verandas, silver candelabras, and so much more beauty. This lodge provides guests with an unforgettable experience as they enjoy bush walks, relaxing wellness treatments, and even enjoying tennis out in the wild.

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Located on the edge of the Ngorongoro conservation area in Tanzania, and designed with mud-and-stick with a manyatta style, the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is a must-visit. The design is truly one of the most magnificent lodge designs as it tries to capture the unique African housing styles whilst giving its guests a world-class safari experience.

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