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Luxury Rail Journey

What’s a luxury rail journey?

Enjoy a trip rewinding time to the heyday of Tourism, and relax aboard a luxurious train. Luxury train trips, which were created to provide one of the most prestigious and individualized excursions in Africa, transport you back in time to the Victorian era, with its high-class feel, and sight of beautiful scenery softly changing before your eyes.

It's a voyage full of experiences. Luxury train trips meander across southern and eastern Africa, stopping to integrate wildlife drives across game parks such as the Serengeti and Maasai Mara, and linking famous locations such as Kruger, Victoria Falls, and Southern Africa. You could also do a  beach trip in Mombasa ending off an epic rail journey.

Luxurious Trains to travel with on your luxury train journey

Africa's luxury train industry is thriving and offers travelers a distinctive, unquestionably spectacular adventure. Particularly two luxury trains have gained notoriety as the best luxury trains. Both Rovos Rail and The Blue Train are essential stops for any discriminating traveler who wants to savor historical nostalgia since they both provide an adventure that belongs on your bucket list akin to the well-known Orient Express. These two trains will provide you with a 5-star luxury experience and you may anticipate traveling in elegance enabling you to arrive relaxed and revitalized.

Rovos Rail

The magnificence of the Rovos Rail, renowned for its beauty and opulence, is the pinnacle of premium train travel in Africa. With the aid of antique carriages, opulent sofas, and tufted seats dressed in crisp wood paneling. Additionally, visitors may enjoy a first-rate dining experience with delectable food in a welcoming setting from the 1930s and 1940s.

The Rovos Rail journey has consistently been defined by a focus on having a good time rather than racing to your destination. At speeds of no more than 60 km/h, trains allow passengers to enjoy the view, watch birds, spot animals and snap pictures.

On board the train, there is a refined yet laid-back environment. On the train, you will not find screens or radios, and you may only use your pc or mobile phone in the solitude of your room. During the day, the dress code is smart casual, and at supper, it is sophisticated.

Rovos Rail makes a trip from Cape Town to Pretoria that lasts for about three nights, with famous stops such as Maatjiesfontein and Kimberley. Rovos Rail also journeys on specific journeys into Namibia, provides golfing trips across South Africa, and even goes as far as Tanzania's Dar es Salaam, where passengers may disembark and trek by foot to Zanzibar's beaches. The journey on Rovos Rail between Cape Town and Victoria Falls is one of the favorite routes amongst guests. The trip even includes a  wildlife drive across the Hwange National Park.

Blue Train

Famous people and politicians are among many who have been on The Blue Train, a South African travel classic that combines top-notch lodging and cuisine with the shifting South African scenery.

The Blue Train is a superb 5-star alternative because of its attentiveness to detail and personalized service. Providing an opulent experience for visitors that includes fine dining gourmet, luxurious accommodations with hints of gold and marble, as well as a personal butler to respond to your every need. There are two lounge cars, dining cars, and an observation car in each of the two train sets, and some of the en-suite cabins feature the unusual amenity of a full-sized bathroom. 

 the Blue Train is ideal for vacationers who have time and want a slow-paced travel experience, and wish to spend a few days in a distinctive setting. The bar and lounge on the train are popular gathering spots for other passengers. The ambiance is elegant but laid-back and inclusive and during supper time you are required to dress in a formal style.

On a 2-day trip, visitors are given a historical tour of the villages of Kimberley or Maatjiesfontein, based on whether they are traveling from Cape Town to Pretoria or vice versa. The Blue train also runs from Pretoria to Hoedspruit, giving guests a safari experience as they pass through the Kruger and Sabi Sands Game reserve.

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