Lion Safari

Lion Safari

Lions in Africa

Sighting lions on an African safari is one of the most exhilarating moments you could ever experience. Although we are legally dealing with "cats" because of their comfortingly feline name, Panthera leo, lions are breathtakingly enormous, almost bear-sized. Everyone can see who the boss is because of their chiseled, barrel-chested bodies, and it's not the two-legged critters with sunglasses.

Top predators in Africa, lions hunt on large animals including zebras, buffalo, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and even baby elephants. It's heart-in-mouth stuff to see lionesses on the hunt, and their entourage of hyenas, jackals, and vultures always makes for an interesting sideshow.

The lion is one of the Big 5 and Africa’s most powerful big cats. The lion is a large carnivorous feline mammal with a tawny coat, tufted tail, and, in the case of the male, a thick mane around the neck and shoulders. A group of related mothers and cubs that live in a home range or area make up a pride of lions. The majority of males are nomads who have won control of pride through conflict with other males. We include some of our top picks in Africa for lion safaris so you can view these majestic animals in their natural environment.

Where are the best areas to view lions in Africa?

Lions in South Africa

In South Africa, the Greater Kruger Area is the best place to see lions. The nearby Timbavati Game Reserve and Sabi Sand Game Reserve also offer excellent opportunities to witness lion pride. Lion Sands and Singita's Ebony and Sweni lodges, both located in the center of "big cat country," are other excellent choices in Kruger National Park.

Since there aren't many white lions left in the wild, seeing one is both unique and unusual. You can observe them up close at Timbavati Game Reserve, where this bloodline still exists. Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, just a few hours from Cape Town, is another location in South Africa where you can have the chance to spot white lions.

Lions in Kenya

Every year over 1,5 million wildebeest cross the mara river in search of greener pastures across the Maasai Mara, inviting lions due to their numbers. The flat, open plains of the Mara are ideal for cheetahs since they are ideally adapted to them. As a result, it's an excellent site to witness the fastest land mammal in the world pursue its prey all year round in Africa.

Lions in Tanzania

If you want to see lions in Tanzania, there is no question about where to go: the Serengeti. Here, sightings of lions are common due to the area's rolling plains that are teeming with prey. Although the Serengeti receives the majority of visitors, you would regret skipping Ruaha National Park from your lion safari itinerary. Not only is Ruaha the biggest national park in the nation, but it's also one of its best-kept secrets. Low visitor traffic leaves wildlife encounters largely unaffected, allowing you to awe at Ruaha's remarkable predator population, most notably the lion.

Lions in Botswana

The Savuti region in Chobe is a well-known arena where lion prides frequently engage in territorial disputes with hyena clans for food. The strong lions that live in this distant region are also well-known for killing some of Africa's largest species, including buffalo, giraffes, and even elephants. All wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy Savuti, one of the best locations in Africa to observe lions in the midst of the most exciting predator action.

The lions of the Duba Plains in the northern Okavango Delta have figured out how to thrive there despite the fact that cats are known to abhor water. This area is sprawling with buffalos due to its nourishing grass and many water bodies, making it an ideal area for lions. But 2,000 pounds of hoof and horn don't give up easily, and the lions of the Duba Plains have become truly amazing creatures. The lions in this region are bigger than usual due to the regular resistance they face with the elements and their many fights when hunting buffalos. They've also learned to hunt during the day while the buffalo herds are grazing on the exposed floodplains (typically, prides hunt at night and sleep during the day).

Lions in Zambia

The majority of Africa's lions reside in the Luangwa Valley, a wildlife paradise and home to the South Luangwa National Park, which is one of Zambia's vast reserves.

Walking safaris were invented here, and several lodges provide anything from morning strolls to multi-day hikes. But if you patrol the Luangwa River's banks from May to October, you'll be high and dry in a 4X4. Animals swarm the banks and oxbow lakes, making the lions of the Luangwa flock in these areas to catch prey.

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