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LGBTQ Safaris in Africa

In comparison to LGBT rights in other parts of the world, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Africa are severely restricted. Unfortunately, certain regions of Africa still have less liberal approaches to LGBT rights than other parts of the world, while others are more hospitable to LGBT travelers.

South Africa is one of the few countries that allow same-sex marriage, while in most parts it's not recognized and is not even permitted, with possible punishments. Tribal society undoubtedly plays a significant influence in what makes African nations so distinctive, as do the rules and laws of today, which are the result of countless years of legacy and history. Public displays of love amongst couples, irrespective of the couples' sexual preference, are sometimes viewed as insulting in Africa due to the continent's extremely conservative culture, particularly in the Islamic parts. Below we explore a few places to visit for a possible LGBT safari in Africa.

South Africa as a destination for an LGBT Safaris

For LGBT tourists traveling to Africa, South Africa is the continent's most sparkling and radiant location. The nation is truly on the frontline of open tourism in Africa, continually inviting all kinds of travelers to Cape Town. South Africa's  Mother City, boasts a sizable homosexual culture, with multiple yearly events, a ton of clubs and restaurants that are welcoming to gays, and is remarkably trouble-free. Same-sex marriage is legal in South Africa, the first African nation to do so, and the country's legal system encompasses LGBT rights, stating that it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone who identifies as LGBT. These laws have given South Africa a reputation for possessing liberal legislation.

The Kruger National Park and its adjacent privatized reserves offer some of the greatest adventures in South Africa, a welcoming nation with many compelling reasons to come. There are numerous leopards to view on the LGBT safari excursions offered by the Sabi Sand reserve and its countless luxurious lodges, which are a little more premium. The ability to combine a Safari with a beach excursion makes South Africa a unique Safari destination.

Botswana as a destination for an LGBT Safari

Botswana's laws prohibiting same-sex relationships have recently been repealed, which happened around  June 2019, albeit the country's administration has since appealed the decision. 

If you ever had the choice to do one Safari in Africa, make it in Botswana. This peaceful and relatively affluent country in Southern Africa is renowned for its spectacular wetlands, especially the Okavango Delta, a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, another famed reserve is the amazing Chobe National Park. The relatively small amount of visitors in Botswana, the number of environmentally friendly resort alternatives, and the country's tremendously diversified landscape, which ranges from verdant floodplains to parched deserts and saltpans, make Botswana a unique destination to enjoy an unforgettable LGBT safari. 

The northern Botswana landscapes of Chobe, Moremi, and the Okavango take center stage, closely followed by the western desert parks of the nation. The Okavango Delta is the nation's greatest asset, offering easy access to four of the famed Big Five, a wide variety of tiny camps to select from, excellent birdwatching opportunities, and distinctive mokoro (canoe) safaris. The second-best location is Chobe National Park, which offers good views despite heavier visitors. The Moremi Wildlife Sanctuary in the Delta compensates for its premium cost with fantastic safari experiences, including an extraordinarily high likelihood of seeing a wild dog or leopard.

Kenya as a destination for an LGBT safari

The law prohibits same-sex marriage in Kenya. Additionally, prejudice based on gender identity is not expressly protected. Nevertheless, despite the traditional sentiments, many LGBT visitors to Kenya do so securely and thoroughly while being aware to avoid making public displays of love in cities and tribal communities.

Kenya isn't known as a popular destination for LGBT safari tours—quite the opposite, in fact—the country still has to make changes to its discriminatory laws. But you may visit the oldest safari location in the world if you're ready to set aside unfavorable regulations and popular perceptions. Aside from that, Kenya is one of just two nations in which you can see the great migration where over 1,5 million wildebeest trek across the vast plains of the Maasai Mara to the Serengeti and back.

Namibia as a destination for an LGBT safari

The ban against males engaging in same-sex relationships in Namibia is not implemented. Female same-sex relationships have never been made illegal, and since 1963, the freedom to transform one's legal sex has been safeguarded.

One of the greatest nations for gay safari excursions in Africa is Namibia. The Namib Desert dominates the nation and fascinates visitors with its vast vistas, abundant animals, and prehistoric rock art. There are just roughly two million residents in a nation that is nearly the size of Mozambique, making it one of the least densely populated nations in the world.

Namibia's Etosha Nature Reserve is home to a variety of animals, including many zebras, elephants, wildebeest, giraffes, and more. Although the parched terrain doesn't support very huge herds, it does mean that the animals gather around shared waterholes, making for some wonderful photo opportunities, especially around the dry season. 

Rwanda as a destination for an LGBT safari

In Rwanda, there aren't any laws that forbid same-sex relationships, but there aren't any that offer legal rights for gender identity. Same-sex unions are still prohibited under the constitution. In general, Rwanda is one of the safest travel destinations in Africa.

Despite all of this, the finest spot on the globe to witness wild mountain gorillas is undoubtedly Rwanda. You will remember a journey sighting the magnificence of a family of gorillas for many years to come.

Your vacation will probably center on Volcanoes National Park, due to the size of Rwanda, however, the city of Kigali is a must-visit. Stop in this city to pay your respects at the Kigali Memorial Centre to obtain a deeper understanding of the country's notorious past, you'll also get the opportunity to enjoy its delicious cuisine and learn about its incredible culture.

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