Horseback Safari

Horseback Safari in Africa

Horseback Safari

What images do you have in your imagination when you consider a horseback African safari? It might be racing across the Masai Mara's wide-open plains. Or maybe you imagine swimming your horse through the powerful Okavango Delta tributaries? Whatever comes to mind, a horseback safari matches all your imagination. 

Among the most thrilling ways to see Africa's spectacular wildlife and wide, diverse landscapes is on a horseback safari. Since horses are seen by animals as ordinary animals, you may sneak about and have a unique and close-up experience from a horse's perspective. There is nothing quite like dashing with giraffes, zebras, buffalo, and other animals.

A horseback riding safari is a unique way to view wildlife since it lets you explore places that are off-limits to cars and which allow you to explore narrower paths. It's tremendously thrilling as you ride alongside the wildlife, capturing the essence of the wilderness as you enjoy the company of a horse. Many safari resorts offer a half-day horseback riding experience, but a horseback safari vacation lasts for multiple days and requires riders to spend up to five or six hours each day in the saddle. You'll typically ride alongside a group of eight other adventurers guided by a ranger.

Where to Go for a horseback safari

Horseback safari in Tanzania

It's likely that the Grumeti, a private reserve on the western edge of the Serengeti National Park, was built for horseback safaris. With abundant and beautiful wildlife, rolling grass plains, and miles of untouched wilderness, the region simply begs to be experienced with a four-legged friend. If you go between the months of May through July, you may have the opportunity to ride along with the 1,5 million herds of wildebeest as they migrate across the plains of the Serengeti. You can pick between two-hour morning excursions, full-day adventures, or even multi-day experiences while riding here.

Horseback Safari in Botswana

Botswana is one of the greatest nations on the continent for a horseback safari because of its excellent prospects for wildlife watching, knowledgeable guides, excellent riding, and diversified terrain, which includes both virgin savannah and dry salt pans. In Botswana's top safari location, the Okavango Delta, you may travel in the footsteps of early explorers of Africa and witness everything from elephants to giraffes, lions, and hyenas.

Mashatu Lodge is the ideal location for an African horse safari Located in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. The ultimate equestrian safari experience in Botswana is made possible by the terrain, which is ideal for riding and has natural ditches and logs to leap over. Big cats, antelopes, elephants, African wild dogs, jackals, giraffes, and elephant sightings are frequent, as with zebras and wildebeest over the plains.

You may also tour the biggest inland delta in the world from the saddle of a Kalahari-Arab mixed breed or of a purebred Namibian Hanoverian at Macatoo Camp in the Okavango Delta and Moremi Region. You'll ride up close with wildlife, birds, and other natural features as qualified guides share their in-depth knowledge of this area with you.

Horseback Safari in South Africa

Enjoy the horseback safaris at Tswalu Kalahari for a less intense, adrenaline-pumping wild adventure on horseback. The rides typically continue for 90 minutes (but they can be extended upon request), during which time you'll stroll leisurely across sandy dunes and grassy fields as the pink and pale purple Korannaberg mountains glow in the distance. The reserve has a variety of wildlife, including sable antelope, black-maned lions, and cheetahs, but these rides are more about taking in the sun's rays and the breeze in your hair than dashing around in search of creatures. Our view is that this is the ideal, carefree beginning of horseback safaris!

Horseback riding at Tswalu Motse Lodge makes for a fantastic horseback riding safari experience. Having a safari in South Africa is amazing as one can combine horseback riding with a wine-tasting experience. 

Horseback Safari in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has a rich and diverse culture, as well as spectacular scenery and boundless skies. A horseback safari in Zimbabwe is an immersive experience as you explore the richness and diversity of its wilderness.

Explore Hwange National Park and discover its wild animals, follow the sun, and listen to the sound of hooves pounding the ground.  Explore the remarkable park with unspoiled beauty and abundant wildlife. This is an encounter with animals unlike any other thanks to knowledgeable guides and spectacular horses. 

Horseback Safari in Kenya

One of Offbeat Mara's epic horseback safaris is a great option for seasoned riders searching for something unique in Kenya's famed Masai Mara. Offbeat has been in operation since the 1980s, and their seven-night trip is the greatest in the industry when it comes to horseback riding safaris. Long rides are encouraged by the limitless open plains, you can see lion prides and inquisitive giraffes up close in the Mara Triangle, and from July to October, you can cross the Mara River with waddling herds of wildebeest as part of the Great Migration. Your plan for Kenya should include Offbeat's seven-night journey. After that, you may recover your aching bottoms on the lovely Indian Ocean shoreline. 

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