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African Family Safari Experience

Sharing an African Safari experience with your family is one of the most exhilarating experiences. This is the perfect time to switch off from the busyness of life and connect with your loved ones while enjoying a fantastic time out in the African wild. 

Whether you travelling with young or older children, there’s always something to do for these young ones. There are many safaris for children, providing interactive and engaging safaris allowing your kids to enjoy and learn the importance of conservation. These safaris provide tailor-made game drives just for children. Experienced guides will take your kids on game drives that exhibit less dangerous behaviour from animals, as well as teach them how to track animals all the while learning about the surrounding ecosystems.

At the lodges, there are many interactive activities that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained. With fun arts and crafts activities and centres where kids can safely interact with animals. There are also many fun family activities that bring families closer, such as bonfire experiences with local folktales or hanging out at pools on the deck while soaking in the sun and enjoying the sounds of wildlife.

Travelling with kids on Safaris

If you travelling with toddlers then visiting malaria-free reserves is wise since toddlers are not clear to have malaria medication before the age of 5. Visit malaria-free reserves in the Eastern Cape,  the Madikwe game reserve or the Welgevonden game reserve in South Africa. Note that some reserves may not offer friendly activities for kids under the age of 5.

Travelling with pre-teens can be a headache, they're often very energetic and easily lose interest due to short attention spans. However, a family safari getaway is guaranteed to keep them engaged throughout the trip, with amazing experiences that will fill their inquisitive spirits. Each reserve is inspired by its own unique culture and provides a diverse set of activities ensuring your pre-teens are engaged at all times. 

Teenagers can enjoy all kinds of action-packed activities that will definitely keep them away from their cell phones. There is something for everyone, from relaxed game walks admiring herds of elephants, to adrenaline-filled adventures such as quad biking across the savannahs. There is also horse riding, camelback riding or getting up in the air on a hot air balloon while admiring animals below. 

Multigenerational Family Safaris

Going on a family excursion with multiple generations of families can be stressful as there are many different personalities all wanting to have different adventurous experiences. However, a family Safari has something for everyone. The older generation might enjoy a more relaxed time at the lodge with less adventurous game drives, and the younger generations can enjoy game walks, while the kids are at bush school.

The best Family Safari Destinations in Africa

Africa offers its guests many family-friendly safari destinations, however, knowing where to go is paramount as this will provide the ultimate family safari experience. Eastern and southern Africa have some of the best safari destinations in the world, let’s explore a few.

Family Safaris in Southern Africa 

Nothing is more exhilarating than catching the sight of the African Big 5 which includes the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, rhino and buffalo. A visit to the Kruger National Park in South Africa is must visit to catch these spectacular animals in their natural habitat. At the Kruger National Park visit the Simbavati, Kambaku, Kapama Karula, Thornybush and Royal Malwane Lodges to get fun-filled kids' activities with delightful pool areas. 

The Londolozi game reserve located along the Sand river in the middle of the Sabi Sands is a great location to visit on your family safari. It has become a world-renowned location due to its work with the many leopards that frequent the area. Their lodges have placed an emphasis on family with game activities that make it a dream come true for children. Children become ‘young rangers’ as they are taught about their vital role in conserving the environment. 

Another incredible reserve to visit is the Sabi Sand game reserve, this incredible reserve borders the Kruger National Park and offers its guests fantastic family-based safaris. A great lodge to visit at the Sabi Sand reserve is the Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge. With a philosophy centred around edutainment, this lodge provides families with memorable moments and quality time together. Children aged 4 to 8 can join a junior tracker program, those aged 9 to 12 experience a more involved junior ranger program, while parents can enjoy an amazing time out exploring the bush in all its wonder. 

For the elderly and toddlers, a visit to the many malaria-free reserves found along the Garden Route is a fantastic way to enjoy a safe visit to the African bush. Guests will also experience and enjoy an epic drive along the Garden Route, as it offers breathtaking coastal views that are out of this world. A unique combination of a visit to the wild and a relaxing time on the beach is also possible as there are many unique and fantastic beaches along this route, making it a perfect time to create outstanding memories with your family. 

A safari to the Okavango Delta in Botswana promises a memorable safari experience with your family. With spectacular landscapes, lazy lagoons, wetlands, amazing grasslands and incredible wildlife, this destination has to be on your bucket list for a family safari getaway. The reserve has many lodges that offer family suites that can accommodate four or even five people, you can also book a private suite that is reserved for you and your family alone. The facilities at the lodges have been designed with families in mind, with kids' Menus, game rooms, laundry services and many more safari activities. Another prime location in Botswana is the Chobe game reserve. Experience a thrilling adventure out in the wild with an all-female guiding team trained to give you an incredible time. The lodges provide families with many child-related programmes, such as mini-educationals, guiding the children around the lodge while they learn about the natural environment. They also offer many uniquely tailored African Safari packages which are worth looking at.

Family Safaris in Eastern Africa

A family safari out in the great Serengeti in Tanzania will make kids feel as though they are in their favourite Disney film, Lion King, with its many untouched areas with beautiful landscapes and animals. Sharing the epic Great Migration with family is unparalleled as you get to witness the migration of over 1,5 million wildebeest from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara and back. The Singita Serengeti House is a great lodge that facilitates many family-based activities. With its amazing family kitchen, tennis pavilion, massage suites, fitness centres and media rooms, there’s something for everyone. 

Opposite the Serengeti lies the great Maasai Mara which is situated in Kenya. This magnificent game reserve has a high density of big cats, such as cheetahs, leopards and the great king of the jungle, the lion. It’s not surprising to find such a huge population of big cats as there are even bigger populations of prey animals such as Zebras, wildebeest, Buffalos, antelopes, Elephants, giraffes and many more. Families can enjoy a spectacular time together viewing these magnificent animals while occupying fantastic family-based accommodations such as the Mara Bush.

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Family safaris create memorable moments with your families as you get to deeply bond in the African wild. To find out more about what else encompasses a great family safari feel free to get in touch with us, as our expert travel agents serve you with the best Africa has to offer. 

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