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Zimbabwe is a marvelous country located in Southern Africa,  this country offers so many jam-packed activities that you'd have to revisit to explore it in its entirety. Although landlocked the country enjoys the presence of Lake Kariba and the Zambezi river. Most famous is the fall of the Zambezi river across 100m high cliffs forming the world's largest falling sheets of water, the great Victoria Falls.

The falls are a magnificent display of one of nature's greatest works, however, Zimbabwe is not only known for Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe houses some of Africa's best game reserves, making it perfect for combining a visit to Victoria Falls and a Safari adventure. In addition to the incredible game reserves, are many luxurious camps and lodges providing guests with world-class service and delicious cuisine.

Zimbabwe has the most official languages in the world, with English and Shona being quite popular. With the best schooling system in Africa, you can expect to be guided by some of the brightest minds in Africa, with excellent English and extensive knowledge of their surroundings. The safari guides are entrenched in the bush and understand it thoroughly, giving you an exceptional experience as you journey in the wild. 

Exploring the wild is not the only thing you'll experience, as Zimbabwe has incredible history and monuments that will inspire you. With visits to areas such as Great Zimbabwe or learning the colonial history of Zimbabwe and the British empire.


  • Explore Victoria Falls, the world's largest waterfall.
  • Visit incredible game reserves.
  • See the African wildlife on safaris including the Big 5.
  • Visit Great Zimbabwe.
  • Learn Zimbabwe's deep history.

Why Go?

A visit to the Victoria Waterfalls will leave you mesmerized for years to come. This incredible reserve is one of the seven natural wonders of nature and for a good reason. Approximately 500 million cubic meters of water, from the Zambezi river, plummet across a steep edge per minute. No wonder it was known as Mosi-ao-Tunya, 'The smoke that thunders' by the Kololo tribe that inhabited the area around the 1800s. Imagining the sight and sound of this giant waterfall is enough to get you excited.

After sighting the most magnificent waterfall, a journey to the Hwange National Park will add to the already fantastic experience. As one of Africa's top national parks, it covers approximately 14,650 square kilometers of land. It is the oldest and largest game park in Zimbabwe and hosts an abundance of wildlife, including the famed big 5. What makes this park special is the impressive population of elephants it occupies, with over 50,000 elephants, thought to be the largest anywhere in the world. Alongside this incredible feat in elephant numbers, it has over 100 mammal species. And due to its relatively low number of visitors, it is perfect for those that want to spend uninterrupted time with their loved ones in the wild.  

For a relaxed time out, explore Lake Kariba on a boat. This beautiful serene lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. It was created by taking a portion of the Zambezi river in its supply. This beautiful lake is approximately 220 km long and 40 km wide, it's the getaway alternative to a beach in Zimbabwe. It inhabits hippos, crocodiles, bird species, tiger fish, and many more freshwater fish.

When to Go?

To experience Victoria Falls at its peak, visit between April and May for the most incredible sightings. To get an amazing wildlife viewing visit between May to October, as this is the dry season allowing you to experience fantastic safaris as many animals congregate at waterholes.

Where to Go?

There are many game reserves to visit, we've briefly touched on the Hwange National Park, and aside from this stunning park is the incredible Mana Pools National Park. With amazing riverine, forests, baobab trees, floodplains, and many rivers of pools, the Mana Pools host some of the finest wildlife in Africa. Located in northern Zimbabwe and bordering Zambia, this stunning park is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site as it houses some of the most diverse concentrations of wildlife. The park is perfect for Nile crocodile and Hippo viewing, due to its large populations of these species. 

To see heritage, art, and amazing rock formations, visit the Matobo National park. This park displays a unique sight of rock formations layered on top of each other in a spectacular and artistic way. The rock formations have been inscribed by San and bushmen artists about 2000 years ago, in fact, the region has over 3500 sites of ancient paintings inscribed on rocks, going back about 12,000 years. The site is special to locals as it is frequented to pay respects and acts as a shrine for many.

Explore the Great Zimbabwe monument, as you go back in time to when the Zimbabwean kingdom was thriving. These ruins display a kingdom that was established around 700 years ago by the Shona People and tell an incredible story of when Zimbabwe was a great and powerful nation. It is one of Zimbabwe's top tourist attractions and is part of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Zimbabwe has so much more to offer, it would not do it any injustice to try and encapsulate the beauty and magnificence of this nation in words. To get more insights on this incredible destination, please get in contact with us and one of our expert travel agents will assist you with any further queries.

This Destination is Famous For

Victoria Falls
World's largest waterfall
Incredible game reserves
Big 5 wildlife safaris

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