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Zambia offers wonderful vacations to discover real Africa. Zambia is blessed with amazing natural beauty, a wealth of wildlife, enormous water bodies, and large open spaces. Zambia is known as one of the safest places in the world to visit, and its kind people live in peace and harmony. And here, in the cozy center of Africa, you'll find some of the world's best safari adventures, including up-close encounters with Nature in all her untamed splendor.

The breathtaking Victoria Falls, as well as a variety of national parks, landmarks, and attractions, are some of the top destinations in Zambia. Zambia offers a variety of travel choices to complete an African trip, from the stunning Kafue National Park to historic locations like Shiwa Ngandu.

Picking a park to visit is not always simple because each offers a different safari experience. You can go on guided walking safaris through the South Luangwa, which is known for its rich diversity of wildlife; take a canoe safari along the Lower Zambezi River as you marvel over crocodiles and sleeping hippos, or go on game drives and horseback safaris in the untamed Kafue National Park.


  • Marvel at amazing big 5 wildlife.
  • Enjoy amazing wildlife safaris
  • Explore breathtaking scenery.
  • Visit Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in Africa

Why Go?

On the Zambezi River, close to the Zimbabwean border, there is a breathtaking waterfall you have to visit. Victoria Falls is a must-see on any list of places to see in Zambia. It is 355 feet tall with a width that is arguably even more astounding, that is over a mile long. It is not the tallest or widest waterfall in the world, but based on all of its proportions, it is regarded as the largest sheet of cascading water in the entire world. the mist rising from the falls can be seen as far as 30 miles away. Victoria Falls offers a variety of activities, from leisurely walking tours to heart-pounding, adrenaline-inducing adventures like bungee jumping and white water rafting.

Even though Victoria Falls might be the biggest draw in the region, the city of Livingstone is worth a visit. the city was founded in 1905 by a missionary by the name of David Livingstone. There are several museums where you can pick up some knowledge of regional prehistory. The Livingstone Museum, the largest and oldest museum in the nation, stands out among them as the most notable. Walking city tours and market shopping are two more well-liked pastimes. The starting point for a number of adventure activities as well as trips to Victoria Falls is Livingstone. It has a welcoming and laid-back vibe and has evolved into a popular destination for backpackers.

Due to its inhabitance of one of the highest wildlife densities in all of Africa, South Luangwa National Park is both Zambia's most popular safari destination and one of the best places to visit. It falls down from the high highlands down into the Luangwa River valley, where crocodiles and hippos can be found. One of the best areas to witness elephant, giraffe, and buffalo herds is in this park. The best time to explore South Luangwa National Park is during the dry season when the area's wildlife congregates on the river's banks.

The only destination in Zambia that supports all five Big 5 species is North Luangwa. Despite this, it's a somewhat specialized location, served by a small number of luxurious camps focused mostly on walking safaris. The guiding is of the highest caliber, and it's thrilling to travel through this wilderness knowing that you could run into a lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, or black rhino at any time.

When to Go?

The best time to visit Zambia is between May and October, which is during the dry season. These months are ideal for observing animals and offer comfortable temperate daytime temperatures. Due to its subtropical climate, Zambia experiences two distinct seasons: the summer rainy season and the dry winter months.

Where to Go?

There are a variety of luxurious camps and lodges to visit during your stay in Zambia. The Time + Tide Chinzombo Lodge gives South Luangwa a dash of class and charm. The Luangwa River's calm waters and its valley's undulating plains are the perfect complements to the safari lodge’s modern and elegant architecture. For those who wish to see the big game in the African bush without sacrificing the luxuries and conveniences of a 5-star vacation, it is the perfect refuge.

Never has roughing it in the wilds of Africa looked so appealing. Only a 20-minute drive separates Thorntree River Lodge, which is located on the banks of the renowned Zambezi River, from the insatiably popular Victoria Falls. Thorntree is a notable luxury lodge that offers a high-end experience that will make you forget you're in the middle of the African bush.

The Tongabezi Lodge is the ultimate honeymoon location, it offers a private and personal escape in one of the most beautiful settings on the continent. The lavish resort, which is situated on the  Lower side of the Zambezi National Park, is only a short distance from two of Africa's most famous sites. Walking hand in hand across the Victoria Falls Bridge or indulging in a Sampan supper while floating down the Zambezi River causes couples to grow more in love.

For more information on where to go on your stay in Zambia, feel free to get in touch with us and one of our many travel experts will be in touch. 

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