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Uganda dubbed the 'pearl of Africa' by Winston Churchill, is a fantastic country to visit. This country is filled with impressive ice-peak mountain ranges, volcanoes, misty rainforests, and amazing savannahs. Uganda has a large population of mountain gorillas, making it a great destination for mountain gorilla trekking. 

Uganda is a unique destination with an equatorial climate and an average temperature that doesn't exceed 29 degrees celsius making it great for travel throughout the year. This land is inhabited by the most friendly people, allowing you to immerse in their amazing culture. There are so many activities to do in the country from mountain climbing, wildlife game viewing, backcountry hiking, and exploring primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas in their habitats.


  • Enjoy mountain gorilla sightings.
  • Go on spectacular safaris.
  • Immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of the people.
  • Visit the amazing city of Kampala.

Why Go?

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a spectacular forest hosting amazing mountain gorillas, the chances of spotting a family are around 90% due to its density in gorilla population. This is thanks to conservation work that has been ongoing to help restore their dwindling numbers. Spotting these amazing creatures is one of the most exhilarating experiences as you get to see them up front, a distance of 7m should be kept to avoid the transference of diseases to them, however, they don't mind coming up close as they are curios yet gentle.

Besides Gorilla trekking you can enjoy a classic safari at Queen Elizabeth National Park or Murchison Falls. Here you'll get to see fantastic wildlife animals such as lions, elephants, hippos, giraffes, and even some primates such as chimpanzees. With limited but growing infrastructure, Uganda has a great number of accommodations and hotels to accommodate you during your stay.

When to Go?

Visit Uganda during the dry seasons for a great time trekking gorillas in the forests. Uganda has two dry seasons one between June and August and the other between December and February. For wildlife sightings visit at the end of the dry season as many animals gather at nearby water sources creating a huge concentration of wildlife. 

Where to Go?

Besides Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, check out Kibale, here you'll get to see over 320 bird species, big mammals, a large population of chimpanzees, and other primates including gorillas. Making it a great destination for a combination of a classic safari including gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. Visit Lake Victoria to see Africa's biggest lake by area, other lakes in the region are Lake Albert and Lake Edward. Together they provide the source of the great Nile river. 

For a city life escape, visit Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The city is one of Africa's most relaxed and friendly cities. Visit the Mother Temple of Africa, one of the only Baha'i faith houses of worship in Africa. Another incredible site is the Kasubi Royal Tombs burial site, where four of the last kings of the Buganda kingdom were buried. For all art lovers, visit the African gallery, a contemporary art gallery. Or visit the Umoja art gallery, which displays Uganda's cultural heritage. Kampala is filled with the most fantastic traditional foods, so make sure to check out their many restaurants. Also, make sure to get as many souvenirs in their open-air markets.

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