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Discover an adventurous and beautiful desert destination by visiting Namibia. Namibia is the ideal adventure vacation destination tucked away between the Kalahari Desert and the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia is a former German colony and only attained independence in 1990. Namibia is recognized for its diamond industry, the San culture, and an incredible array of natural wonders.

Etosha National Park, Africa's third-largest national park, is located in Namibia, a haven for animal lovers. This amazing sight is not to be missed. It is home to 114 mammal species and 340 bird species. A trip to Namibia's Skeleton Coast National Park is another must-do. This wind-swept stretch of desert is stunningly gorgeous in its own special way, one that is remote and enigmatic. Shipwrecks and whale carcasses litter the landscape, and the beaches are sometimes shrouded in fog.

Visit one of Namibia's "ghost towns”, where the lovely ancient structures have all but been reclaimed by the sand, to get a glimpse of the past. Additionally, if you're lucky, you might be able to see some of the wild Namib Desert Horses as they graze on the sparsely vegetated Namib Desert plain.

Namibia is the perfect place to visit if outdoor adventure and nature photography are part of your ideal vacation. There are many things to do in Namibia, including visiting Sossusvlei, which has the highest sand dunes in the world, and Damaraland, where you might see elephants and rhinos that have adapted to the desert.


  • Visit incredible deserts.
  • See amazing wildlife such as the big 5 on thrilling safaris.
  • Explore stunning cities.
  • Enjoy spectacular scenery.

why Go?

Namibia's infrastructure and simple-to-navigate highways provide excellent self-drive trips for more independent travelers, while a safari is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts. While honeymooners will love Namibia's remote, opulent, and exclusive lodgings. Families with children will like its secure, functional, and welcoming atmosphere.

When to Go?

Namibia is best visited from July to October when temperatures are just around 20°C and there is little risk of rain. Since it's also the ideal time to see wildlife, this is the busiest travel period; make travel arrangements well in advance.

the hemisphere of north Namibia experiences hot weather all year round with the potential for magnificent thunderstorms in the winter. The summer is bright and sunny, despite having freezing nights. The majority of the nation is dry, with bright orange sand dunes and cobalt skies.

Where to Go?

Epupa Falls, located in the region of Kaokoland, on the boundary between Namibia and Angola is a must-visit. The Kunene River produced these waterfalls, which are dispersed over a mile. Colorful rock formations, palm trees, and fig trees surround the waterfall. Epupa Falls is a well-liked sight in Namibia despite being far away and only reachable by four-wheel drive vehicles. Most visitors to Epupa Falls choose to spend the night at one of the nearby lodges. You can also go whitewater rafting down the river if you want to spice up your day with some adrenaline activities.

Etosha National Park, which is located in northern Namibia and regarded by many safari enthusiasts as one of Africa's greatest wildlife reserves, is an adventurer's dream because of its excellent roads. Its 22 270 square kilometers area is home to the Big 5, as well as cheetahs, giraffes, and a large variety of many other species. Etosha, which means "Great White Place”, is named after a massive mineral pan that dominates the area. The finest time to go on a safari in Namibia is unquestionably from May to October when the temporary water holes near Etosha Pan are home to large numbers of animals.

The capital and largest city of Namibia, Windhoek, is the most frequently visited location. There is a considerable probability that your lengthy safari will begin in Windhoek if you decide to embark on one. There are a number of reasons to stay put and take advantage of the city. Visit the Parliament of Namibia and the historic Lutheran church known as the Christuskirche if you're interested in Namibian history. Windhoek is an excellent destination to shop if you want to buy some memorable souvenirs. The Maerua Mall houses larger stores in addition to some of the neighborhood markets that are smaller.

One of the biggest canyons in the world may be seen at Fish River Canyon Park. The canyon, known in Afrikaans as the Visrivier Afgronde, is carved out by the Fish River, one of Africa's longest rivers. There are many wonderful opportunities to explore and visit Fish River Canyon Park in person. The Fish River Canyon Trail is a well-liked option for hikers. The trail is 80 kilometers long. You can also go swimming in the Fish River or take a picturesque flight above the top of the canyon.

One of Namibia's most bizarre and peculiar locations is the sleepy beach vacation town of Swakopmund, which blends its German colonial background with a distinctly African attitude. Swakop is a terrific site to stop at during a Namibia safari and the ideal place for self-drivers to resupply and take a break thanks to its palm-lined streets, seaside promenades, and nice summer climate.

Sandboarding, quad biking, and 4x4 driving in the dunes are just a few of the thrilling sports available in Swakopmund, which has emerged as Namibia's top adrenaline destination. If that's not your thing, you can also go on boat trips to seek seals and dolphins, or you can just stroll around Swakop and check out the town's eateries, cafés, art galleries, and museums.

For more info on where to stay on your visit to Namibia, let’s get in touch and plan your amazing stay together with one of our many travel experts.

This Destination is Famous For

Amazing desert Areas
Spectacular safaris
Big 5 wildlife sighting
Breathtaking landscapes

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