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Moremi & Okavango Delta

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Botswana, referred to as the land of giants, due to its ancient Baobab trees and free-roaming elephants, is a must-visit location for exciting safari destinations. Two of the most popular safari destinations in the region are the Okavango Delta and the Moremi game reserve.

The Okavango Delta has breathtaking scenery stretching an area of over 2 million hectares of land. This UNESCO world heritage sight is a wetland that features lush green vegetation upon which vast concentrations of wildlife roam. The Okavango river which travels from the Angola mountains all the way down to Botswana is the lifeline of this impressive landmark. A Safari out in this region is the most remarkable experience, with lush forests, extensive savannahs, and amazing wildlife including the Big 5, in diverse ecosystems. This region is home to a strong population of wild dogs and over 400 impeccable bird species. 

On the Eastern side of the Okavango Delta lies the amazing Moremi game reserve. This area contrasts drier areas with an abundance of water, creating a unique experience. Abundant waters create spectacular waterways, with deep lagoons inhabited by hippos, and dense riverine forests–home to leopards, and spectacular antelopes roaming freely across the savannahs. 


  • See impressive wildlife including the Big 5.
  • Marvel over wild dogs and their fantastic social structures.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of savannahs and wetlands.
  • Be amazed by the overwhelming presence of varying bird species.
  • Enjoy amazing mokoro or motorboat rides.

Why Go?

Experience a safari in a unique way, by leaving the 4x4 vehicle behind and instead being poled in a canoe known as a mokoro. If this type of experience is a bit too adventurous for you, then you can alternatively tour the amazing waterways on a motorboat.

As you cruise along the waterways you'll be greeted by birds like jacanas and herons, marvel at giant hippos, see the giant elephants, catch the sight of amazing antelopes before they shy away into the reeds, and many more wonders of nature. Along with the amazing Safari experiences, you'll get to stay in the most luxurious camps and lodges 

When to Go?

Okavango Delta is an all-year-round destination, due to its permanent wetlands. November to March is the green season as the Delta transforms into a rainy summer, wildlife is scarcer during this time but still abounds with amazing antelopes. 

During April the Okavango Delta floodwaters begin to rise, making this the perfect time to enjoy the mokoro and motorboat trips. May to August is one of the best times to visit, this is during the dry season. Wildlife is easier to spot as water evaporates around the surrounding Kalahari plains, attracting a lot of animals to the floodplains. This is also a great time to mix water and land-based activities. From September to October, most parts of Botswana's many waterholes dry up causing many animals to trek long journeys to the Delta making their way to the Moremi Game reserve, making this the best time to visit the Moremi Game reserve. 

Where to Go?

Knowing where to go can be tricky, Okavango is not just a wetland, its terrain changes with changes in seasons, from large permanent swamps to some areas being dry savannahs, grassy floodplains, and thick riverine forests. We'd recommend checking out the Moremi game reserve, it is a spectacular reserve that offers its guests a remarkable safari experience with Luxurious camps and lodges out in the wilderness.                                 

For an experience that matches your desires, get in touch with our travel experts, and let's make your dream safari come true.                

This Destination is Famous For

A large population of African Wild Dogs
Amazing wetlands
Mokoro Safari Experience
Plenty of Elephants
Bdst Honeymoon Safari
Family Safari

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