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Located along the Zambian border and the Zambezi River, and situated in Zimbabwe is the Mana Pools National Park.  The park has a 6,766 square kilometer size. The magnificence of Mana Pools National Park will take your breath away, it is filled with the most majestic wildlife surrounded by impressive diverse landscapes. It is a paradise for walking and kayaking excursions.

During the wet season, this vast plain produces a number of lakes. Wildlife swarms to natural watering holes as the waters start to drain during the dry season, making the surviving pools fantastic spots for game viewing. These lingering ponds are what entice the wildlife and produce this breathtaking environment for game viewing.

In 1984, the Mana Pools, Sapi Safari Area, and Chewore Safari Area were all integrated into one UNESCO World Heritage site. Ramsar has also designated it as a wetland of international significance. Travelers will experience a true wilderness experience at the Mana Pools due to its isolation, which also heightens the intrigue and excitement of exploring Africa.


  • Spot the incredible Big 5 on wild safaris.
  • See the amazing pools 
  • Explore one of Zimbabwe's best National Parks

Why Go?

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants, and a beautiful variety of aquatic birds. There is also a good chance that you may observe lionesses hunting near waterholes, where the prey appears to be simple to catch.

Acacia trees, which provide shade to the parks' more than 12,000 elephants during the dry season and other rich plant life, dot the landscapes, creating a stunning environment. You'll enjoy the sensation of isolation here, far from any populated areas.

There are four pools that are acknowledged as permanent in the area, though there may be more than four pools at different times depending on the rainfall. Acacia, fig, ebony,  baobab, and mahogany trees can be found in dense woods that surround the banks of the river beds and swimming holes. Additionally, the largest number of hippos and crocodiles in Zimbabwe may be found in the pools. They are plainly visible lining the shores of the pools during the dry season.

Buffalo, zebra, elephant, eland, antelope, waterbuck, and other ungulate herds visit the ponds in search of water during the dry season. This makes it a great spot to discover predators like cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, lions, and wild dogs who are ready to pounce on the weak prey. Birdwatchers can enjoy the sight of over 450 different types of bird species flying over the park. 

When to Go?

If you go in the winter, you'll adventure among the highest concentration of species in Africa, surrounded solely by harsh wildness. An experience that words cannot adequately describe. Visit between August and November for the best game viewing in the park, as this is during the dry season.

Where to Go?

There are many amazing and luxurious camps and lodges that reside in the Mana Pools National Park. Kanga Bush Camp is an amazing camp tucked away in the Mana Pools park, it's the perfect place to see animals in relative isolation. There isn't really a need to go on activities because animals are drawn to the permanent Kanga Pan in front of the camp all year long. Instead, take an "armchair safari" while relaxing on the terrace and watch as antelope, zebra, elephants, and their predators make their way to the river to drink. You may also get some exercise by participating in a walking safari with an excellent guide, or you can enjoy a game drive to the Zambezi River for an entirely different and amazing experience.

Another great camp to visit is the Ruckomechi camp, tucked away on the boundary of the Mana Pools National Park. Ruckomechi appears to have it all, including excellent wildlife on a private reserve, with Zambezi River excursions, and even a sleep-out deck where you can enjoy the glaring stars in the night. 

Let's get in touch to help you create the most unique experience exploring the Mana Pools National Park.

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